Unprotected sex everyday on depo in Gladstone

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Patricia Fearing answered. Over 70 former GOP national security officials back Biden. I'm in the depo shot and my next appointment is on the 13 - 27 can i still have sex with out getting pregnant? I have a question. Justin Diedrich answered.

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Unprotected sex everyday on depo in Gladstone этим столкнулся

Do you think that there is any chance I could be pregnant? Most likely you are protected but the recommendation is 7 days. Pookie Lv 6. If you are a woman who has had unprotected sex and who does not want to get pregnant, emergency contraception should always be a consideration.

Stanley Swaby answered.

If you get your next shots on time you do not need to wait the 7 days. Any time you have unprotected intercourse you are at risk for pregnancy. You may need to use a back-up method of birth control like condoms or spermicides for seven days one week.

Unprotected sex everyday on depo in Gladstone

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