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It was more Johnny talking. The music was crunching, the songs boisterous, and the lyrics delightfully offensive to the average Seventies rock fan who was fed a diet of bloated arena rock, mind-numbing FM radio, and cocaine-glutted rock stars.

I don't remember one positive, quality musical moment that evening.

my way sex pistols lyrics chords in Austin

It was that big of a catalyst. The thing I remember most vividly about the aftermath was a few Randy's regulars strolling in afterward, real shit-kickers in their hats and boots. It was kind of funny. Bentley stuck his arm in front of my shoulders and pushed me backward.

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So we saw 8 Eyed Spy a bunch of times. AG: Ah, I was going to ask about connections between your songwriting and your hardboiled detective writing. Eddie and I, with drummer Billy Blackmon, had just formed the Skunks.

He and Jesse said they were starting the Skunks. There was a very different dynamic to live music. Carla, Kathy, Marilyn, and I had a punk band called the Violators. Sid wanted my guitarist's sunglasses, so he pulled them off his head and said, "I'll give 'em back to you after the show.

During the Seventies, San Antonio was the No. Drummer Paul Cook kept a rock-solid, if singular, beat and seemed to enjoy his safe vantage point behind the drums.

My way sex pistols lyrics chords in Austin

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