Jacana sex role reversal in humans in Elizabeth

Because of all the resources a female will put into each egg, it makes sense, in most cases, for her to be choosy about whose genes she allows to combine with it, and to continue to invest in its growth and survival after fertilization. Anim Behav — Advance article alerts. Mol Ecol —

This organ has spines that allow females to grasp and hold mates from the inside. Bibcode : PLoSO But in a minority of species across the animal kingdom these traditional roles are reversed. Figure 3. This diversity, as well as cultural practices and human consciousness, have all led to a large amount of variation in mating systems.

Additional files Additional file 1: Table S1. Sex and evolution.

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Please review our privacy policy. Greater equality in nesting duties means greater similarity in appearance. Sexual Selection. The genes of the MHC complex have extremely high variability, assumed to be a result of frequency-dependent parasite-driven selection and mate choice. Genetic analysis We sequenced a base pair fragment of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene COI: the DNA barcode fragment [ 38 ] from 59 Panamanian jacanas, as well as two specimens from eastern Honduras provided for our study by J.

From Evolution: "Why Sex? An introduction to sex-role reversal. We thank Morgan Tingley and Robert Bagchi for invaluable statistical advice and Elizabeth Jockusch, Mark Urban, Charles Henry, and two anonymous reviewers for helpful comments that greatly improved the manuscript.

Sign in. JGV designed the study, collected and analyzed the data, and drafted the manuscript. The individuals who produce lots of small, mobile gametes are called males.

Jacana sex role reversal in humans in Elizabeth

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