How to sex khaki campbell ducklings in Oklahoma City

You always seem to have everything organized and ready to go out when customers want it. I made the mistake of saying I have wanted ducks my entire life, and hoped to have some before I died. Once we get them all heading in the direction of the coop, they all follow. I have 4 females and 1 male.

Raising ducks is different than raising chickens, although you can be successful raising ducks and chickens together.

I also have 7 hens that are laying but no rooster and 2 of my hens are brooding so I gave each one 2 ducks eggs and surprise, surprise they are hatching. The female, Harriet, was heartbroken. Duck do need secure housing particularly at night, to protect the from predators.

How to sex khaki campbell ducklings in Oklahoma City

I think what I would do is section off part of your garage and to the tarp thing with some straw — far less messy and dusty than shavings. They bring joy and many smiles into your life. Penelope, she is amazing and gets along with our dog and 4 cats. I guess my worry is, is the coop we have bought going to be sufficient in size for them.

The coop or duck house is low to the ground although we can fit inside to clean it out. Started by Ihavesomechickens 30 minutes ago Replies: 6. That said, their flight capabilities are limited so they are easy to keep home.

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  • I seem to have the full set small medium and large, have a feeling may have two drakes but the medium could just be a larger duck. What colour are their legs?
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Needless to say I have had them or 3 weeks. My ducks roost on the bar with the chickens. I recently brought home a duckling from a feed store that I noticed was not walking. History: It is not always possible to know how a duck breed developed, but in this case, we do know the history of the breed.

Any advice?

How to sex khaki campbell ducklings in Oklahoma City

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