Dont talk about sex religion or politics in Luton

I want more news. When I spoke to Huddleston he was full of praise for Shuker, whom he described as a formidable opponent and star of a future Labour government. The next morning I met Shuker and accompanied him to a visit to Luton Sixth Form College, where he had agreed to speak to politics students.

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dont talk about sex religion or politics in Luton

It sometimes felt that there were more candidates in Luton than there were constituents, but the candidate most of the media were interested in was Esther Rantzen. Not to mention the fact that topics such as salary can make others feel uncomfortable.

An African man with a skull-cap walked alongside a woman almost entirely hidden behind a niqab as a young mother stood outside a Cash Generator store holding a plastic bottle and encouraging her little boy to urinate into it. With his crisp blue shirts and sunny demeanour Huddleston seemed the embodiment of Cameron Conservatism.

Dont talk about sex religion or politics in Luton

Reuse this content. Not Rantzen. No one cares how much you made on your bonus or what your annual income before taxes is. Who would secure the Muslim vote was uncertain. In the two hours she spent knocking on doors almost everyone recognised her and every time anyone opened the door they would be greeted by a smiling Rantzen gushing about how wonderful the trees in the front garden were or the size of the motorcycle parked outside.

  • Mark Twain , one of the greatest American authors and humorists, had a way with words beyond his books and stories.
  • I consider myself to be an adult.

For the same reasons you should not talk about politics, you should not talk about religion. It was the same story I had seen throughout the campaign: surprised smiles, car windows rolled down, photos taken, strangers giving the thumbs up. Having spent time with all the main candidates I had been struck by the fact that, in Shuker and Huddleston, Luton was lucky to have had two strong, decent and sincere politicians who offered an encouraging riposte to the notion that politics had become a corrupt and dirty business.

She talked about schools, racial tensions and ways to improve community relations. The egg pelting had been another reminder that there were extreme elements in Luton.

Dont talk about sex religion or politics in Luton

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