Define sex based discrimination laws in Shepparton

Is your organisation perpetuating inequalities or eliminating them? Laws can also influence social norms, cultural expectations and popular attitudes, as well as policy shifts. For our vision to be realised, it will take successive generations of Victorians and their governments to maintain focus, funding and effort on gender equality.

It is the responsibility of all of us-individuals, families, communities, work places, businesses, sporting associations, as well as media and the arts-to build a culture of respect and equality for all individuals. Define sex based discrimination laws in Shepparton includes countering unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion, setting targets for women's representation, encouraging male advocacy in the workplace, and supporting men out of the paid workforce with flexible working conditions and parental leave.

For too long we have focused on a crisis response at the expense of a long-term approach to prevention.

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Every one of us has a role to play so we ask that you step up too. Gender stereotypes and a lack of visible female role models can undermine girls' and young women's confidence and impede the accumulation of skills, experiences and networks that underpin leadership. The Victorian Government recently established the Capacity Building and Participation Program, providing community grants aimed at strengthening the participation, inclusion and contribution of Victoria's multicultural communities and building community capacity to respond to family violence.

These policies will apply only to larger contracts define sex based discrimination laws in Shepparton to organisations with plus employees. We need to address the barriers that act as disincentives to the full participation of women in our economy and community.

The Department of Education and Training's sexuality education policy and gender policies govern sex education in Victorian schools, and aims to build on knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable young people to make responsible and safe choices.

Outside of the classroom, gender stereotypes also play a role and influence ideas about sexuality and body image. All Victorians recognise that gender equality is essential to economic prosperity and that gender inequality has significant economic cost.

What is on this page? Countries with the highest rates of gender equality have established strong gender equality governance structures such as dedicated agencies with responsibility for advising government, co-ordinating and monitoring progress towards gender equality and the prevention of violence against women.

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Define sex based discrimination laws in Shepparton

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