Chromosomal sex determination in fishes with gills in Coffs Harbour

Dorsal spine length is sexually dimorphic in the Japan Sea population Kitano et al. Thus, a neo-X chromosome resulting from a fusion between the ancestral Y chromosome and an autosome contains genes important for the evolution of male courtship displays and can contribute to reproductive isolation between sympatric stickleback species.

Sex chromosomes in the sockeye salmon: a Y-autosome fusion. Rev Brazil Genet.

A multiple sex chromosome system in the annual killifish, Nothobranchius guentheri. In: Pitcher TJ, editor. Rev Brazil Genet. In fishes, there is evidence that sex chromosome turnover has occurred through multiple mechanisms, including the transposition of an existing male-determination locus to an autosome Woram et al.

Multiple sex chromosomes in a monodactylid fish. Alves et al.

Пост, chromosomal sex determination in fishes with gills in Coffs Harbour

Cienc Cult. Multiple sex chromosomes in the redfin velvetfish, Hypodytes rubripinnis. Genet Res.

Trends Ecol Evol. Harnessing genomics for evolutionary insights. Jun Kitano, Email: pj. Jpn J Genet.

Chromosomal sex determination in fishes with gills in Coffs Harbour

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  • Genetic determination of sex in fish can involve monogenic or polygenic systems, with factors located on the autosomes or on sex chromosomes. In the latter case, both male (XY) and female (ZW) heterogametic systems have been described, as well as many subtle variations on these themes. Sex chromosomes are found in approximately 10% of fish Cited by: Jan 22,  · Sex chromosomes and sex determination in vertebrates. Stott M.K, Poulin R. Parasites and parental care in male upland bullies (Eleotridae) J. Fish Biol. ; – /jtbxCited by:
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  • Introduction. Sex determination (SD) establishes the sexual fate of an organism and initiates the gonad differentiation process (reviews:,).A variety of signals, including genetic, environmental or even social cues, were found to be sex determinants in vertebrates (see reviews,,).. The most extensively studied mode of genetic SD is chromosomal sex determination (CSD) as in mammalian and Cited by: Mar 12,  · Examples: chromosomal mechanism of sex determination in plants. Genetic information of sex is located on chromosome. In animals, sex chromosomes are responsible for sex differentiation but in plant, it could be autosomes or sex chromosomes.
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  • The chapter focuses on the chromosomal basis of sex determination, and discusses the genetic control of sex determination and the epigenetic control of sex determination. It is clear that while certain gene combinations can be recombined quite frequently, with impunity if not advantage, the breakup of others can cause little but grief except Cited by: In fish, sex determination (SD) system shows high variation. The SD mechanisms include environmental and genetic regulation. The research on SD system and related genes in intensively studied fish.
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