Baby sex skull theory in Sudbury

Skull Theory guesses the gender of your baby based on skull size. The problem with applying it to fetuses is that the differences develop at maturity. Report includes explanation of all theories and illustrative drawings. So you may have agreed to not find out your unborn baby's sex but, admit it, you're still a little curious, aren't you?

Girls generally are said to have more rounded skulls that are also smaller in overall size.

baby sex skull theory in Sudbury

A particularly small man or especially bulky woman is hard to differentiate from skeletal remains alone, she said. But there is one theory which is said to be 92 per cent accurate. If it is at an angle of under 30 degrees, straight out or down, you're likely to be having a girl. Of course, you could always cave and ask the sonographer at your 20 week anomaly scan but even then, there is a teeny chance this could be wrong.

UK News. Disclaimer: Our website and services are intended for entertainment and novelty purposes only. Your report will include a detailed description and drawing delivered to your e-mail.

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The latest of these, "skull theory," looks to the shape of the fetal skull. Was the prediction correct for you in the end? B Temporal Ridge — this runs along the outer side of the upper skull creating the square shape of the upper head.

The presenter made several comments about the size of players.

How does Skull Theory compare to ancient Chinese gender predictors, a gender calendar or a lunar gender chart? You may upload up to 3 scans for our experts to review. Skull theory says you can predict if you're having a boy or girl based on the size and shape of your baby's skull.

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Baby sex skull theory in Sudbury

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