Abstinence only sex education cons in Chattanooga

Download Article Unfortunately, there's a lack of research in evaluating abstinence education programs, making it hard to decide whether it's a more effective method than a comprehensive program. Today, many people marry later in life, skip the walk to the altar, or can't marry their partners due to same-sex marriage laws.

Few, if any, public health professionals would argue against abstinence as the healthiest behavior for school-aged children. Parents are also allowed to sue if schools do not implement sex education as mentioned in the bill. A study from the U.

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Abstinence only sex education cons in Chattanooga, the majority of parents say they want their children to receive broad sex education that teaches the basics of sex and sexual health. Click here for more help with CMS citations. Submit Form.

To make matters more difficult, the programs in operation nationwide share the fundamental belief of no sex until marriage, but the curriculum varies by region, school district and sometimes by classroom. The moral and religious disputes over sex education will likely continue, but no matter your beliefs, all parents and educators agree they want what's best for their children when it comes to sexual health.

There are twenty-four commonly used curricula for abstinence-only programs. My Education.

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Finer, L. The birds and the bees. There was a fourteen percent increase in the number of teens that used emergency contraception between and while the use of long-acting contraceptives like implants and intrauterine devices has increased by almost seven percent Livingston and Patten.

If passed, HB would apparently prevent districts from using abstinence-only sex education curriculum. Between andadolescent pregnancy in the United States has decreased eighty-six percent Lowen.

We have the ability to exercise self-discipline and to understand the physical and emotional blessings resulting from chastity before marriage and faithful monogamy afterward…. Despite the widespread notion that abstinence education withholds information from students regarding methods of safe sex, supporters think it packs a powerful curriculum.

Proponents of abstinence-only education believe teaching teens about birth control and sexually-transmitted infections encourages them to try sex earlier, while critics feel that teaching teens comprehensive sex education will keep them safe from infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Even eighty-one percent of adults that had abstained from sex until the age of twenty or older reported having premarital sex Finer. Options for Sexual Health, Contraception-based programs, on the other hand, are heralded as a boon to teen-kind….

Abstinence only sex education cons in Chattanooga

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